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Travel Now Pay Later Options

Resort Financing Options:

Resort packages include one or two-bedroom accommodations at select resorts worldwide. Rates are based per unit for an 8 -day / 7-night stay. Financed packages are for accommodations only and do not include airfare. Airfare may be purchased at a discounted rate through our member services department. Minimum down payment is required and varies depending on total cost of the trip. Our Travel Now Pay Later rates are always discounted.

How It Works:

We provide our members with exclusive vacation offers from our signature resort line. Accommodations are available at select resorts both domestic and international. Members enjoy privileged access and interest free financing. Payments start as low as $30 per week and $100 per month.

Once reservations are confirmed they cannot be changed and are non refundable. Accommodations are based on availability. Rates and availability on all Resort Packages are subject to change until reservations are confirmed & accepted by club member.

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Travel Now Pay Later Programs – Enjoy Your Dream Vacation Without the Upfront Costs

Who said you have to rob a bank in order to accomplish your dream of traveling the world? Perhaps you’ve been saving for a dream vacation for a long time now. Sometimes you end up using the money to cater for other expenses that come along. You’re left having to start saving from scratch. Luckily, you can now travel without having to raise all the money required before your vacation. Travel now pay later programs allow you to visit your dream destination without all the cash upfront. It gives you an opportunity to plan out a great travel experience with the little you have and pay the remaining amount later.

Who offers travel now pay later vacations?

Most credit card companies will give you an opportunity to travel now and pay later. You can use the credit card while on your vacation but make sure you read the terms and conditions of the card. Also, ensure you don’t exceed the credit limit. You may also opt for airlines that offer fly now, pay later programs. Not only will you be able to fly on the lowest fare but also enjoy the flight even if you have no money to pay for it upfront. Understand the additional fees charged by the credit company when you use your card to pay during travel.

How to get started

First things first, start planning for that vacation. Decide on where you want to go, places within that destination that you’d like to visit, activities, entertainment and dining. You can use a travel agent to assist in planning every aspect of your trip. Once you get the details of your trip right, find out how much it’s going to cost you on average. Remember that this will depend on the time of year when you are travelling and whether you made reservations early in advance. If you are really keen on spending less, make early reservations and travel during off peak seasons. You’ll enjoy incredible discount offers and fewer crowds.

Once you settle for the itinerary, find out what aspects of your vacation you can afford. Don’t give up if it appears to be way beyond your budget. That is why travel now and pay later programs exist. You can have all the other aspects of your trip covered on credit. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the best in the vacation spot.

Benefits of travel now pay later programs

The greatest benefit of this kind of program is that it gives you an opportunity to get the most out of your vacation. The event or reservation that you couldn’t afford paying for upfront is now within your reach. You can enjoy the all-inclusive resort, a trip to a city you’ve always dreamt of visiting or that first class train ride you’ve always wanted. All these will be covered with credit so you can sit back and enjoy your vacation.

Budget for your trip

Borrowing money to enjoy a good vacation doesn’t have to be a burden. You can enjoy the best vacation knowing that you will pay the costs later or even while you are still travelling. To make the travel now pay later program work effectively for you, know what items you are going to pay for upfront on your trip and the ones that you will pay later. You need to figure out how much you want to spend on accommodation, food, entertainment and even gifts for those who are back home. Remember not to spend more than you can earn. You should be able to afford your dream vacation without getting into huge debt that you can’t pay.

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