Boutique Style Accommodation

Boutique Style Accommodation

Boutique Style Accommodations

Every hotel of the not-huge variety seems to call itself a boutique hotel. But what does it this term actually mean? What is a boutique hotel when all is said and done >

Unlike the open-to-interpretation meaning of luxury hotel, the definition of boutique hotel is quite clear. Here are some elements that distinguish a boutique hotel.

A Boutique Hotel Is Intimate in Size. The #1 Defining Aspect of a Boutique Hotel. First and foremost, a boutique hotel is small.

Most hospitality pros agree that for a property to be considered a boutique hotel, it should not be much bigger than 100 rooms. (But not too small: if it doesn’t have at least 10 rooms, it’s not a boutique hotel but a B&B or inn.)

A boutique hotel’s intimate size produces its characteristic personal feeling and heady ambiance. Some luxury travelers enjoy the compact size and enveloping atmosphere of a boutique hotel. Others prefer feeling like observers in a big, busy grand hotel.

Examples of boutique hotels with strong personalities:

The celeb-studded, 91-room Hotel Byblos in St. Tropez on the French Riviera

A stylishly updated former convent with only 20 rooms, the Amalfi coastline-hugging Monastero Santa Rosa

A 12-room, 400-year-old gem in ancient Akko, Israel, The Efendi Hotel

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